2015 Season is fast approaching…..

This season seems to be fast approaching, even quicker than normal as the first round of the World Enduro Series is in just over a months time in New Zealand.

I have been busy preparing and getting all my sponsorship in place ready for the season…

I am excited to say that I will once again be representing Trek Bicycles as part of the Trek Factory Enduro race team for 2015. Along with team mates Rene Wildhaber and Justin Leov we will be trying our best to take Trek to the Number 1 team again in the 2015 Enduro World Series !
As a team we will be supported by Shimano Cycling and FOX suspension along with Bontrager wheels and tyres.

I have two new sponsors in 2015 – Maloja clothing


and Sweet Protection for both my open face and Full face helmets.



The are both great companies making quality products and I really look forward to representing them this season..

I will also be continuing with most of my personal long term sponsors..
Deity components - suppling me with my very own signature T-MO handlebar, stem and grips,
G-Form will continue providing protection for my knees and elbows
Osprey Packs provide my backpacks for big days out on the bike and also all my luggage for travelling the world !
Oakley have been a sponsor of mine since 1998, so we are now in our 17th year !! Thanks for such great product and support for all these years !
CNP Professional nutrition are continuing to supply me with great on and off the bike nutrition to help me get through the gruelling weekends of Enduro racing..
Shimano MTB will be providing me with a selection of SPD shoes
RapidRacerProducts.com will be keeping the mud out of my eyes with the EnduroGuard
LessBounce another long term sponsor continuing to provide a great selection of sports bras
e*thirteen components will be keeping my chain on…

Keep an eye out here or on my Facebook or Twitter for updates as the season starts..


World Champion 2014 !!

There was a nice 6 week break between Whistler EWS and the final round in Finale and I came away from Whistler, felling like I needed to put my head down again and get refocused. I still had the overall lead in the series, but it wasn’t by a big margin and I knew Anne Caro and Cecile would be pushing me hard at the last race, as just one mistake or a problem would be enough to lose the title.

I managed to get in a few weeks of good training again and started to feel better. I did a UK Enduro race at Grizedale forest which I really enjoyed and felt as though it had been a great weekend of training as the liaison times were quite tight, so it was a good workout !


It was also great to see the UK enduro scene growing year on year and great to see such a good group of girls out having fun racing their bikes. A bit of sunshine always helps a race weekend vibe too, but it was fun to be back racing at home again !

Also whilst I was home our local club hosted a cycling training day and race on my parents farm. It was so inspiring to see nearly 100 kids aged 5-16 all just having so much fun riding bikes ! Its so cool to be able to help out the next generation and hopefully they too will be loving riding their bike like I am now when there are in their 30′s !!



It was then time for me to head out to Europe and before the final race it was that time of year again for what is turning out to be an annual girls week of coaching and riding in Switzerland with Bike Verbier ! Eleven ladies came out on a riding holiday to meet new riding buddies and above all improve their general bike skills. We did flat land bike skills and then took the skills out on the trail and did some great big day rides in the mountains. It’s aways great to see how much people’s confidence improves on their bike after a few consecutive days of riding and also a few small pointers along the way.

photo 2-3

Check out one of the girls reports here - http://www.pinkbike.com/news/trip-report-womens-skills-week-with-pro-rider-tracy-moseley-2014.html

It was then time for the big finale, and I felt pretty ready, I was riding well again and I decided to stick with my Trek Remedy 29er who had treated me well all year. I chose to add a few extra security measures, with a bash guard plate on my E13 chain device for this race, some stronger tyres and more air pressure for day one and I made sure I carried a lot of spares so I could attempt to fix anything that could go wrong !



Even with all those extra security measures in place I was still nervous and the whole weekend was a pretty stressful one for me, just knowing that one mistake and the title would slip away..

Day one was the more technical of the stages and I even without trying I was riding safe, there were so many awkward rocks that could have taken off your mech, caught a pedal or flatted on !  It felt like it was a minefield to survive each stage ! Thankfully I managed to come away unscathed, but my cautious riding left Anne Caro with a big lead and I only had a small margin over 3rd place Cecile Ravanel.

Day two was thankfully a little easier on equipment and comprised of a long 2 hour climb up to stages 5 and 6. When you have a World Title resting on how your ride these final two stages, that 2 hour climb seemed long, with too much time to run through all the possible scenarios in your head ! I just needed to stay focused and ride well.

BzLRgxACQAAYHpa.jpg-large copy

Fortunately I managed to do just that and stayed within a couple of seconds of Anne on both stages and managed to squeeze some more time ahead of Cecile Ravanel, putting me comfortably into 2nd on the day but that was enough for my second World Enduro Title !!!!!




The sense of relief that the season was done and all that pressure on me was finally over !! To win this title once was amazing, but to do it for a 2nd time was a feeling that I will never forget !

As a a team Trek Factory Racing also won the Overall Team for the 2nd year in a row, so a massive thanks to my team mates Justin and Rene for another amazing year, and a big thanks to Ray our team manger and also to James my mechanic who is also my partner (so he has to put up with a lot over the season !!)

I also want to thank all of my sponsors for another amazing year of support and belief in me, and a final thanks to Phil Dixon for his help and advice with my training as I tried to qualify for the Commonwealth Games XC race and win this World Title again !!



Whistler Enduro



Apologies its taken so long to put some info up about the last round of the Enduro World Series in Whistler !! I could say that its taken me this long to recover and I wouldn’t be too far from the truth !!
Whistler was a one day race format and a mix of pedalling liaison and chairlift, well actually there was only one stage accessed by the chairlift and the rest we climbed ourselves, all 2400m of up !!
That in itself would make a big day out and combined with a mid morning start and temperatures around 35 C it was a long 8 hour day in the saddle ! I normally would relish the challenge of a big day, but I think the last couple of weeks of racing and travelling had taken its toll on me and maybe a little too much riding in Whistler (?!!) in the run up to the race left me feeling pretty low on energy right from the start.

I felt ok on the first climb, but as soon as I dropped into a newly built trail “microclimate” for stage 1 I felt horrible. My legs and arms just felt like they were full of lactic acid and I just felt stiff on my bike. I got arm pump right away and just felt like I fought my way down the hill !! I loved the trail in practice so felt so sad that I just couldn’t ride it like I had been.
I then climbed up to stage two and had to push a fair bit as I just didn’t feel strong. Sadly that theme continued all day ! A crash on stage 2 didn’t help things and I was now already over 30secs back !
We still had 2 more big climbs and 2 more technical stages to complete. It really felt like a day of survival for me which was a shame as the trails needed to be attacked with energy and confidence to get down them fast and I had neither of those feelings !! I lost more time again to both Anne and Cecile on stages 3 and 4 and going into stage 5 I was just hoping to be able to pull back some of that time on the final 20+ min stage from the top of the world. This final stage we used the chairlift so I knew I could save some energy and hopefully really push the last bit of energy out of me on the more open, fast flowing trails down into the bike park.
I really started to enjoy stage 5 as I could let go a little. About a third of the way down I started to see dust and realised I was catching someone, it was Anne Caro who had got a puncture higher up the stage. I knew then that I needed to keep pushing to try and get some of that time back and for me it was a lucky opportunity to step up the podium to finish 2nd to Cecile.
Cecile rode great all day and really deserved to take her first World Enduro win. Anne finished 3rd and has made sure it will be a great final round in Finale ! I still lead the series but with only 80 points between us it really will be a big race in October !

A big well done to everyone who finished that race and especially to all the girls, some of them I know it was there first enduro race, so massive respect, that was a big day !!

Thanks to Matt Wragg for the pics.

Womens Week with Bike Verbier


Following its success in 2012 and 2013, Tracy Moseley and Bike Verbier announce a third women-specific skills camp.

In 2012 and 2013 Tracy Moseley joined forces with Verbier’s original mountain bike holiday company to offer an intensive girls’ training camp.  These weeks were a huge success and will be repeated in 2014 allowing female mountain bikers a rare chance to improve their all-mountain riding techniques with one of the sport’s true all-rounders and current Enduro World Champion, using Verbier’s legendary singletrack and idyllic alpine setting as their training ground.

Tracy will provide personal instruction on everything from downhill and technical riding through to cycling fitness, general bike handling and all-mountain riding skills. Assessment at the start of the week will ensure that training is progressive, pressure-free and carefully tailored to the skills and ambitions of those taking part.

Participants from the past weeks best describe the experience.

“The TMo Coaching/ Bike Verbier women’s week was an absolutely amazing experience! If you want to ride your bike with more confidence and speed, then there really is no one better than Tracy Moseley to show you how. Couple that with Bike Verbier’s Lucy & Phil providing their legendary hospitality and guiding and you’ve got a week that you’re not going to forget in a hurry. I loved every minute of it.”  Ruth

“I particularly liked how they stripped us back to basics and reconstructed our riding positions. Making us think about exactly what we were doing, how that affected our ability to attack sections of trail and then working out how to readjust and practicing that daily.”  Tina

 Tracy is so inspirational, such a lovely person with the most amazing bike skills!  It was great to have the basics skills sessions…improving these had a huge impact on confidence levels and riding ability.  Tracy challenged us to ride out of our comfort zone without knocking our confidence.  It was a great balance between skills sessions and amazing trails. I am SO glad that I came.” Liz

“Tracy was very helpful in looking at our bike set up and going back to basics helped me understand how to ride and not just be a passenger.  I really can’t fault anything! The accommodation, food, location, trails, uplift service and guiding were all perfect. I felt completely spoilt and it was one of the best weeks of my life”.  Kath

Women’s Week starts on September 20th 2014, and places are limited to 10 guests in total.  Participants should have an intermediate or advanced skill level and a good level of fitness before joining the group, as well as being comfortable riding singletrack.


Contact lucy@bikeverbier.com for more information


Tracy Moseley announces her plans and sponsors for 2014


After huge success in the inaugural year of Enduro World Series (EWS) Tracy plans to defend her World Enduro Championship title in 2014.

After 2 successful years of creating her own program T-MO racing, 2014 will see Tracy join the newly formed Trek Factory Racing (TFR) Enduro team as she competes in the 7 round World Series.

Tracy also plans to take part in select rounds of the UK Gravity Enduro Series and also the UK National XC series as part of her training and preparation for the Enduro World Series.  For a full calendar of events go to www.tracymoseley.com

Alongside Tracy’s racing she will also be slowly developing her coaching career and interest in helping the next generation of young female mountain bikers. Tracy will be continuing the T-MO racing name by supporting some young up and coming racers who will be flying the T-MO Racing flag at domestic XC, DH and Enduro races. More info on this coming soon.

Tracy has been able to combine joining the TFR team and continuing to work with many of the sponsors that have supported Tracy over the last 2 years and is delighted to be able to announce her sponsors for the 2014 season.

Trek Bicycles will continue to supply Tracy with a full selection of bikes to choose from to suit every Enduro race. ‘I am really happy to be staying with Trek for another season and feel in this era of wheel size change, Trek have every possible option to give me the advantage I need on every course. I will be using the Remedy 29 and Slash 650b for enduro and the Supefly for XC racing’.

Tracy will again be continuing with Bontrager for open face helmets, wheels and tyres and some XC components. Tracy has been working closely with Bontrager in their development of tyres for the Enduro market and there are some great new tyres coming out soon.

Also returning are clothing sponsor Endura who will be making all of Tracy’s custom racing kit and also supplying Tracy with all her riding gear needs.

Deity also returns as Tracy’s handlebar and stem sponsor for Enduro racing. The Deity T-MO signature carbon enduro bar that Tracy used for the entire 2013 season is now available to buy worldwide in 2014

Osprey continue as her backpack and luggage sponsor along with Tracy’s longest standing sponsor Oakley providing the very best glasses and goggles.

Fox racing suspension and Shimano are Trek Factory team sponsors that will be providing Tracy with the very best equipment and Tracy will also be using Shimano shoes for racing.

G-Form will also be returning as Tracy’s body armour sponsor and will provide Tracy with great lightweight knee and elbow protection. There is also work on a custom T-MO signature pad for launch later this year.

Two new sponsors joining Tracy’s program for 2014 are CNP and Sweet Protection. CNP will be Tracy’s nutrition sponsor and will be supplying Tracy with a full range of products to help her through her training and the grueling days of Enduro racing.

Sweet Protection will be providing Tracy with their Fixer Full Face Carbon helmet with MIPS for maximum protection when racing the technical enduro stages.

E*thirteen will once again be providing Tracy with chainguides and RRP keeping the mud out of her eyes.

For more information please go to Tracy’s website – www.tracymoseley.com and for updates throughout the year visit Tracy’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/tracymoseleyuk or Twitter – https://twitter.com/tracy_moseley Instagram – http://instagram.com/tracy_moseley



2014 Trek Factory Racing Enduro Team

After 2 years of racing under my own brand T-MO racing I will be joining the new Trek Factory Enduro Team in 2014.


I will be taking all of my sponsors who have supported me for the last 2 years with me and will be joining a great group of athletes to make up a really strong Enduro team.


It will be a great year and I am looking forward to trying to defend my World Title and also our Team title.



The final race of the inaugural Enduro World Series have just been and gone. An amazing summer of bike racing has just flown by at what seem like an incredible rate. Seven rounds of the World Series have taken place and to have won 5 of them is more than dreams are made of !

I’ve loved the new challenge and ridden my bike on so many amazing trails I feel almost spoilt ! Most people could only dream of riding the quality of trails we have ridden this season in their lifetime !

To end the season with a final win at Finale Ligure was the icing on the cake !

Read more about it here -



I’d like to say a huge thank you to all my sponsors for making this incredible season possible…….THANK YOU