World Cup 7 Bromont, Canada

News ImageWe left Mont Ste Anne in the pouring rain and arrived in Bromont only a 3 hr drive away, with blue skies and the hottest most humid hotel to settle in to !! Not to complain but it was a bit too warm for sleeping at night so I had to use my ear plugs and keep the air conditioning unit on all night !! The good thing about the heat was that it had dried the track and my memories of a very wet slick Bromont course were distant in my mind as I walked down a very worn in, dry race track. It looked wicked.

Sadly as you quickly learn racing world cups around the world, the weather is always against us and yes it absolutely poured with rain that night ! The track the next day was muddy and very slick at first, drying up a little throughout the day during practice. It was a tough track and there were a few sections that were pretty sketchy just to get down !! I was really enjoying practice despite being caked in mud. The rain came in again on Friday and made our qualifying pretty wet. The hardest thing for me in the wet, is the visibility and having to use tear offs and see through the mud and water on my goggle lens. I had a pretty solid top section and then made a right mess trying to take a tear off off at the bottom of the track and lost some valuable time, however it was still good enough to take 1st place in qualifying and some much needed points for the overall ! It was great for my confidence and I knew I could ride well again in the final on this track.

The weather finally played in our favour and the sun came out on race day. It was drying more and more throughout the day, and was pretty hard to judge as the sections out in the open were bone dry and the sections in the trees were still really slippery. I again had a good top section, pretty much on time with Sabrina, however I made a few mistakes on the bottom section and took one section way too cautiously in the increasingly drying conditions and lost time, losing nearly 4 seconds of race winner Sabrina, leaving me back in 4th place. I was really disappointed to once again not have a great race run. It just doesn

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