World Cup 5

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After the problems I had at Fort William I was keen to make amends in Maribor. I was really enjoying practice on Saturday. The weather was so hot it was almost unbearable to sit on the chairlift as you could feel your head burning in the sun ! The track was wicked, bone dry and really hard pack, it felt so fast and rough it was crazy. I did 2 timed runs at the end of practice and posted the fastest time so that made me feel confident for the next day.

They had forecast rain for Saturday ever since we arrived in Maribor and they were spot on, it poured down with rain all day till about 4pm, enough for our qualifying runs to be cancelled as there was too much lightning in the area for the chairlift to run. The track was also pretty damn hard to ride, suddenly all those dry roots turned absolutely lethal ! Fortunately we were lucky with the weather and it stayed dry over night, the track however was still really slippery for practice on Sunday morning. I was really enjoying the challenge and it was great for the race as these conditions make the racing so much more wide open as it

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